Winter: The Final Book of The Lunar Chronicles

So despite the fact that it took me forever and a day to find time in my never-resting life, I finally finished Winter, the final book in the The Lunar Chronicles.

It did not disappoint.

Winter was just as full of love as its predecessors and it was even more jam-packed with action. I was constantly thrown in different directions trying to follow the plan being enacted by Cinder and her squad to overthrow Leavana and restore the Lunar throne to it’s proper owner. This approach to storytelling can sometimes be extremely confusing, leaving the reader to fend for themselves in trying to keep up with the character’s thought processes. Marissa Meyer did a fantastic job at keeping the story easy enough to follow while every facet of each plot twist was being played out that I still had the mental capacity to remember and worry about the characters off performing another part of the plan.

I was so excited to read this final installation and to find out what happened next. It centered around the character of Princess Winter and gave us insight into what it’s like to live on Luna and just how intense the Lunar sickness could be. Winter had chosen to prove she had incredible willpower and refused to use her Lunar gift to manipulate others to do as she wished. Sacrificing her sanity, she became the underestimated, adored princess. In this book we see the story of Jacin and Winter and watch how this guard-princess love affair plays into the over-arching storyline.

But the main point of this book was to bring the stories to an intertwined end. It was a joy to experience as Cinder and the gang struggled to bring down Leavana. I personally loved that it wasn’t easy for them, they faced tough challenges in inspiring the people of Luna to stand behind Cinder. They were ripped away from each other and were confronted with difficult choices involving their friends. It was heart-breaking and wonderful all at the same time.


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