Karma Patrol

Karma Patrol by Kate Miller isn’t a diamond.

It’s a tube of Dior 999 on a bad day when all you could find before was chapstick.

If you’re confused by my meaning, it’s basically everything you could need in a book when you ned a pick me up wrapped with mystery.

It follows Jade Bailey- a beautiful woman living in New York City just trying to prove herself in her career and find love. Completely normal right? Except Jade is a karmic account enforcer working for the Karma Division of The Powers That Be. Basically she makes sure that everyone in her assigned area gets what deserve due to a hereditary gift that lets her see karmic paths. It’s an extremely interesting concept and is explained thoroughly.

Kate Miller does a really great job with explaining a potentially confusing concept. I know that I try not to think too much about fate and how it’s planned out and ask questions why because, as Miller states in her novel, I would go crazy. I, much like Jade, accept it at face value. However, Miller gave me an entirely new perspective on the concept of fate and karma with a digestible version of it.

You can’t forget about the idea Miller presents about soulmates. Jade is one of the lucky (or unlucky depending who you are) few that has a predetermined soulmate wandering around out there waiting to meet her and make her dreams come true. But when it’s not the fairytale that she imagined immediately, Jade isn’t quite sure what to do. Which is one of the most relatable things I’ve read lately. But being crushed doesn’t get her down, in fact the courage she has to push the relationship with her soulmate forward aids her in solving the mystery surrounding her story in the first place.

So if you’re aching for a bit of fantasy, existentialism, and reality all rolled into a lovely bound set of pages this one is for you. I know I can’t wait for the second book!


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