Karma Patrol

Karma Patrol by Kate Miller isn’t a diamond. It’s a tube of Dior 999 on a bad day when all you could find before was chapstick. If you’re confused by my meaning, it’s basically everything you could need in a book when you ned a pick me up wrapped with mystery. It follows Jade Bailey- a … More Karma Patrol

Wow. The Testing.

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. I just finished The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau and wow. I. Am. Speechless. Well not quite. My mind managed to utter a couple coherent thoughts about what I just read. First I have to say that I devoured this book. In a matter of hours, not days, but hours I poured into the … More Wow. The Testing.

Saint Anything

So I’m a hardcore fan of Sarah Dessen’s novels. Honestly, I’ll recommend them to pretty much everyone. From Just Listen to Dreamland to my personal favorite Lock and Key, Sarah Dessen covers a variety of different issues faced by teenage girls and captures their struggles and thoughts perfectly while making them relatable. She takes serious issues … More Saint Anything

Hello world!

So I’ve always wanted a place where I could rave about books because my friends get way too tired of me talking about them. This is where my reviews have come to live, so enjoy my excited posts!